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I’m a stove collector and restorer in Oregon, USA. I repair and restore vintage stoves and make specialty tools for repair and maintenance of these stoves. In addition, for four years now, I’ve been designing and building silent damper caps for a variety of vintage and modern backpacking and camping stoves. The caps I build fit the “roarer” style burner and replace its burner plate. Use of the caps reduces the noise level of the stoves. They also seem to improve the efficiency and fuel economy of the stoves by providing a better proportioned fuel/air mixture for combustion.

Two Types of Caps

I am now selling two types of caps - hand crafted caps and F-SERIES manufactured caps. Check the section of the webpage for the type of caps in which you are interested.

Beware of Imitators

Sadly, I seem to have started a whole industry of imitators who have attempted to copy my designs. Beware of these poor quality copies. Many of my customers have purchased from me after buying these copies and tell me that they are very inferior to my original designs. They may look alike, but nothing beats an original BernieDawg cap.

Just sayin’. ;-)

All my caps are guaranteed for life - mine, not the caps. :-)

For repair and restoration services, please contact me directly at the email address to the left. It is not an active link, you’ll need to type it in to your email client. Thanks!


“Original is BEST”

Enjoy a quieter alternative to the noisy “roarer” burner on your stove. Upgrade to a silent damper cap and experience the peace and quiet of the outdoors - even while cooking!

Purchasing Information


You can now buy F-SERIES manufactured caps direct from the manufacturing plant at factory-to-you low prices!

Buy Caps HERE:

Or, Buy Caps HERE:

Find out more at the BernieDawg Web Store!

BernieDawg Web Store

If you have questions about the caps that are not answered after careful reading of these pages, please contact me by typing the address below into your email client.